Is your Car Clicking but Not Starting? Read this!

Your Car Is Clicking But Not Starting - Now What?

It can be quite annoying when your car not starting but clicking or making a soft hum, that sounds suspiciously like the engine is starting. There are several causes of this noise. One of the most common causes of a clicking noise is the battery terminals or contacts in the electrical system. Other common causes of this noise is the starter motor, starter switch, battery terminals, wiring and spark plug. 

If your car uses a belt drive instead of a rotary or screw driven motor, you can expect the starter motor to make noise as it spins the belt attached to the wheels. This noise is often referred to as "shaky noises". In many cases, the noise is intermittent and occurs at different speeds (low, medium and high) based on the speed of the belt.

Common Reasons Why Your Car Might Not Be Starting

If your car uses a screw or belt drive starter motor, there is usually a looseness in the connection between the belt and the main unit. Because of this, there is a certain amount of slack to be allowed for spooling - the time it takes for the car to return to its original position after ignition. This slack in the starter motor connection can lead to very loud clicking noise when the car is started. The noise can also be caused by the starter motor wearing out. To correct this, check the starter motor fastened to the transmission and make sure it is tightened properly.

Could It Be Your Variable Frequency Motor? 

Your car uses a variable-frequency motor, it can make some squealing or "hum" noise when the car is started. A random noise in the electrical system can be caused by a fuse going bad or possibly a fuse sleeve getting hot. You should open the fuse to check if the problem has been resolved and replaced.

 Did You Check Your Battery?

Another one of the more common causes of this problem is poor connections between the battery and the rest of the system. As long as you have a good battery and it is not getting too hot, this will rarely be an issue. If the battery is overheating however, you may want to replace the battery to see if the problem goes away.

The starter motor itself can be faulty in other ways. For example, if the motor is over-torqued when it's not supposed to, it can cause very loud noises. Also, if the starter motor isn't strong enough to keep the car from coasting, then the engine may actually start moving when you press the stick to start your car - this is known as "start-leaving". Finally, a weak or worn electrical system can actually cause your car not starting but clicking.

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